[webkit-dev] Reducing Bugs

Shawn Smith chezsmithy at mac.com
Thu Dec 21 17:53:31 PST 2006

I am attempting to reduce the vox compose page into a collection of issues.
 I have run into a problem I would like some help with.
For example I have the following type of issue in the Java Script Console:

Undefined Value: line 328

Which gives me this:

return event.stop();},eventBeforeUnload:function(event){if(this.changed ||
this.editor.changed){event.returnValue =

Now, most likely in the scope of this event handler "this" doesn't support a
particular method or function.  The challenge is figuring out which one and
what the context of the problem is.

I tried using Drosera but it becomes unresponsive with the size of the java
script file on my PPC G4.

Any other good ideas on how to identify more quickly the problem?


Shawn Smith
shawnsmithj at gmail.com
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