[webkit-dev] How does Safari identify form fields for auto-fill?

Trey Matteson trey at usa.net
Wed Dec 13 09:36:27 PST 2006

The short story is it uses a bucket-load of heuristics, since there  
is no reliable way to do it.  The login form is a special case of a  
"general" form that Safari might autofill.  From memory, I believe  
those are identified as forms with exactly two text fields, one of  
them a password field.  If there is a third field (e.g., "domain" in  
an NTLM setup), Safari punts, because it doesn't have a way to store  
arbitrary fields of into in the key chain entry.  Also popups that  
are part of such a form are not handled.  I also remember that a form  
with autocomplete=off will be skipped (which I always thought was a  
big lose for users).


On Dec 11, 2006, at 7:29 PM, Rick Mann wrote:

> It seems to fail on certain forms, including some that I've  
> created. (I'm referring to user name & password fields).
> How does Safari determine which fields to examine when offering to  
> save login information and pre-populate it? I did several searches  
> on Google, but mostly turned up articles about insecurities.
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> Rick
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