[webkit-dev] some files in WebCore that should be moved

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Tue Dec 5 13:20:00 PST 2006

Here are some files that ought to be moved within the WebCore  
directory structure. This is just about moves, and tries for the most  
part to ignore file naming and other issues:

- Things that should be moved into the "page" directory:

bridge/WindowFeatures.h -> page/
bridge/mac/Frame* -> page/mac/
bridge/mac/WebCoreFrameBridge* -> page/mac
bridge/mac/WebCoreFrameView* -> page/mac
bridge/mac/WebCoreKeyboardAccess.h -> page/mac/WebCoreKeyboardUIMode.h
bridge/mac/WebCorePageState* -> page/mac
bridge/mac/WebCoreViewFactory* -> page/mac/
bridge/mac/WebDashboardRegion* -> page/mac/
bridge/win/ChromeClient* -> page/win/
bridge/win/ContextMenuClient* -> page/win/
bridge/win/Frame* -> page/win/
platform/gdk/FrameGdk* -> page/gdk/
platform/gdk/PageGdk* -> page/gdk/

bridge/History.h -> page/GlobalHistory.h
bridge/HistoryMac.mm -> page/mac/GlobalHistoryMac.mm

bridge/mac/WebMimeTypeRegistryBridge* -> page/mac/ 

- Things that should be moved into the "bindings" directory:

ksvg2/events/JSSVGLazyEventListener* -> bindings/js/

Things that should be moved into the "css" directory:

ksvg2/scripts/cssmakeprops -> css/
ksvg2/scripts/cssmakevalues -> css/

Things that should be moved into the "dom" directory:

ksvg2/scripts/make_names.pl -> dom/

- Things that should be moved into the "editing" directory:

bridge/EditorClient.h -> editing/
bridge/win/EditorClient* -> editing/win/
platform/Selection* -> editing/

- General move from ksvg2/ into a top level svg/ directory (as we did  
a while back with khtml/):

ksvg2/events/SVGZoomEvent* -> svg/
ksvg2/svg/* -> svg/ (or perhaps svg/dom)
platform/graphics/svg/* -> somewhere inside svg/ -- not clear yet  
exactly where

I'm sure there are some other moves. For example, even after  
executing these moves there will be a ksvg2/css directory, which at  
the very least should move to a location svg/css and perhaps  
elsewhere. And there will still be a number of things in a bridge  
directory, which should be eliminated. Many of the things in bridge  
are Objective-C classes that should simply be moved out of WebCore  
and into WebKit.

     -- Darin

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