[webkit-dev] WebKit build doesn't load plug-in for application/pdf

Rudi Sherry rsherry at adobe.com
Wed Aug 16 16:58:28 PDT 2006

I'm trying to debug a problem with my WebKit plug-in that I think is  
related to the way WebViews layout on draw.  Debugging with the  
WebKit sources seemed like the obvious choice...

...but when I debug from the DebugWebKit project and load a PDFA, it  
doesn't use the PDF-handling WebKit plug-in.  Instead, it shows a  
small blue question-mark in the top left corner.

WebInspector says:

          <img src="http://server-name/path-to-pdf>"

Selecting the "IMG"P:

Node Type: Element
Node Name: IMG

XPath: /html/body/img[1]

style = '-webkit-user-select: none"
src = "http://server-name/path-to-pdf"

Running Safari on this same machine (without the default system  
WebKit) works -- the plug-in is invoked.

... is this a known issue with building and debugging WebKit?  The  
breakpoints for loading the plug-ins is hit, I can show "Help- 
 >Installed plug-ins" and it shows the PDF plug-in ... it just  
doesn't load it.

Neither -[WebPluginDatabase pluginForMIMEType:] nor - 
[WebPluginDatabase pluginForExtension:] are called when I load the PDF.

I'm still debugging, but is this another case of the low-level  
imaging code deciding that it can handle application/pdf and so not  
bothering to check plug-ins?  (See bugzilla bug 10015)


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