[webkit-dev] Crash on start up in Series 60 emulator

Brad Lassey lassey at ftrd.us
Wed Aug 16 13:50:30 PDT 2006

I had a working build of Webkit for Series 60, then I updated my tree.  Now I get a KERM-EXEC 3 panic on start up.  According to the stack trace it happens on line 141 of BrowserSettingsContainer.cpp, in the SettingL method.  I've included that source below

MBrCtlSettingInterface& CBrowserSettingsContainer::SettingL( TBrCtlDefs::TBrCtlSettings aId )
    TInt settingNum = 0;
    TBool found = EFalse;
    while(( settingNum < iSettings.Count() ) && !found ) 
        if( aId == (iSettings[settingNum])->SettingId() )  //crash happens when evaluating here
            found = ETrue;
    // if not found above, then create a new one
    if( !found )
        iSettings.Append( CBrowserSetting::NewL(aId, this) );
        MarkAsUpdatedL( aId );
    return *iSettings[settingNum];

At the time of the crash, settingNum is 0.  I put a breakpoint just above.  This method is executed just fine several times, being called from InsertDefaultSettingsL.  The crash happens when it is called during the construction of a CUserAgent in CWebKitControl::UserAgentStringL.  The peculur thing is that the iCount of the RArray iSettings is 597717828 just before the crash occurs, which seems abnormally high.  Also, it seems that accessing that array at all will cause the crash.

I have now rebuilt from a fresh pull on a fresh computer with the same results.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?  Is there a fix?

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