[webkit-dev] Opening files from Safari

Luc Potron luc.potron at trias.fr
Sat Apr 22 08:07:07 PDT 2006


I¹m not sure this is the correct list.

We are developping software on mac that use a web browser to navigate within
a database.
When a user select something (ie a quark xpress or indesign document) we
wish to open it on his/her mac using the correct application.

The url we place in the web page is something like:

In the past (2 months ago) we¹ve been able to have it working with Safari by
installing a ³com.apple.DownloadAssessment.plist² file in the
~/Library/Preferences folder.

This file contains the following:

<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple Computer//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN"
<plist version="1.0">

Since the last OsX Update, the file do not open anymore. What happens is the
folder containing the file is opened and the file is selected by the finder.

Is there¹s a way to have Safari launch the application and open the file?

I understand this is probably a security problem but it would be great to
have a solution. Otherwise our web based solution will not work anymore and
we are stuck with InternetExplorer which is the only one to work as

Maybe some Safari gurus can help on this point.

Thanks in adavance

Luc Potron
Trias Développement

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