[webkit-dev] [DOMHTMLDocument doctype] always returning nil.

Matt Gough devlists at softchaos.com
Fri Apr 21 08:10:23 PDT 2006

Sometime since 418, the implementation of HTMLDocument::doctype was  
changed to:

DocumentType *HTMLDocument::doctype() const
     // According to a comment in dom_doc.cpp, doctype is null for  
HTML documents.
     return 0;

Firstly, where is dom_doc.cpp? It doesn't seem a part of WebKit/Core.

What is the comment and why is it deemed correct that doctype should  
be null for HTML documents?

Why do I care:

Well, I am writing some code to take a DOM (or portions thereof) and  
convert it back into a fairly self-contained HTML file. Without being  
able to reconstitute the correct <!DOCTYPE ...> I have no way of  
ensuring that quirks mode is set correctly when displaying the  
resulting html.

Is there any other way to determine this?

Matt Gough

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