[webkit-dev] WebKit and Accessibility

Mark Thomas maillists at coderus.com
Tue Sep 13 14:59:31 PDT 2005

Arrrr, the only problem is that you cannot get to preference only when
accessibility access is switched on, for apple script.

What are the other accessibility API clients, you mean by


> The issue here is the assumption that VO is the S/W calling the
> accessibility APIs.  There are actually numerous other accessibility
> API clients within the system, affecting all users, not just those
> who have difficulty seeing.
> Your best bet may be a preference pane/control panel.
> Dave
> On Sep 13, 2005, at 1:46 PM, Mark Thomas wrote:
>> Hi All,
>>   I'm trying to work around a problem with Voice-over technology
>> that you
>> cannot detect whether or not it switched on, doesn't sound like a
>> big issue,
>> but we have voice over capability within our webkit application and it
>> work's well, but if the user has switched on Voice-over for their
>> system
>> then they get 2 talking system which is very confusing for them.
>>   So I'm wondering if I declare my own control inheriting from the Web
>> control, then I could just overload a few method which the
>> accessibility
>> API's called, then hopefully assume if something is calling this
>> methods
>> then Voice-over capability must be switched on ? - How does that
>> sound.
>>   The plan is if we detect the Voice-over is switched on then we
>> will shut
>> down ours and let them use the OS's.
>>   I don't have any experience of these accessibility API's although
>> I did
>> sit on a WWDC Session, and seem ok but that always the case until
>> you get
>> down to it.
>>   Anybody got insights on this.
>> Thanks in advance
>> Mark.
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