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Dan Wood list3679321 at karelia.com
Fri Oct 21 09:15:46 PDT 2005

Over on webkit-sdk, Maciej answered my query:

>> Does somebody have a hint on how I can check out the specific  
>> version of webkit that corresponds to the latest release?  (I  
>> think this is WK version 412.7).
> There's typically tags corresponding to the "source version"  
> numbers like 412.7. In particular, WebKit has a tag of WebKit-412~7  
> on it. But there may be different source versions for WebKit,  
> WebCore and JavaScriptCore. We are considering putting more obvious  
> tags on for releases in the futurel, but you can see the source  
> version numbers in the meantime if you know them.

OK, that's a help -- now I'm just trying to figure out how to get the  
right corresponding WebCore and JavaScriptCore that corresponds to  
"WebKit-412~7" tag in WebKit.  Any suggestions?  (A typical file in  
WebCore has ~400 tags).

I do notice some tags that all 3 repositories have, like "Safari-1-2- 
branch" and "Safari-412~0~1" but it's not clear which one might  
correspond to any particular release.

Anybody have any other suggestions for how to figure out how to get a  
particular official, stable release?

Dan Wood

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