[webkit-dev] Alt tab display problem

Mark Thomas maillists at coderus.com
Wed Nov 16 03:06:21 PST 2005

  Ok also added test case was slight confused as bugzilla only asks for that
after it is entered. Its the same test case which I uploaded into rdar so
both systems should be level.


  Ok entered, as believe my case not to be the same due that my images are
present and sometimes works and sometimes not :-(


  reporting this actual problem, and I have also put the rdar number there
as well, as well as updating rdar as well.

  Although wondering now if I should take a look myself as have src on my
machine and built, any idea which file this problem might be ?


> On Nov 9, 2005, at 12:29 PM, Mark Thomas wrote:
>> The case I'm seeing is when there image and alt is there, but
>> "Display Images when loaded" has been switched off, so its slightly
>> different to yours, as I think it something to do with style sheets
>> and z order'ing maybe, but the screen reader does the right thing.
>> And the strange thing is some work and some do not.
>> I was planning on adding one in bugzilla, but won't if its not
>> needed if that what people want.
> If there's any doubt in your mind about whether it's a duplicate,
> please do file a new bug. Make it as clear as possible, and others
> working on the WebKit project will try to determine if it's a
> duplicate or not.
> There's no shame in filing something that does turn out to be a
> duplicate.
> John Sullivan often says, "A well-written bug report is always
> worthwhile."
>    -- Darin

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