[webkit-dev] Ampersand escaping in HTML URL

Boyd Waters bwaters at nrao.edu
Thu Nov 10 14:56:36 PST 2005

HTTP URLs pass parameters in GET requests by appending name=value  
pairs to the URL, separated by the ampersand character.

XHTML Strict does not permit the ampersand character, but rather  
requires an 'escaped' entity reference & followed by a-m-p-semicolon:  

Safari version 2.0.2 (416.12) passes this in the URL as the Unicode  
entity & -- & followed by hash-three-eight-semicolon.

The Tomcat servlet container blows this off; the Java JDK 1.5.0_05  
does not interpret such a string as a valid URL query parameter.

Safari with WebKit via today's (10-Nov-2005) CVS does NOT have this  

Mozilla, FireFox, and Camino likewise do not pass this entity in the  
URL, but rather pass the "bare" ampersand character, which is the  
correct behavior.


Looks like it is fixed with the WebKit in CVS.

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