[webkit-dev] Greetings from Nokia Mobility Conference 2005 from the S60 mobile browser team at Nokia

roland.geisler at nokia.com roland.geisler at nokia.com
Wed Nov 2 01:22:19 PST 2005


I am at the moment sitting in Barcelona at Nokia Mobility Conference
2005 where in a few minutes our new Web Browser for S60 will be
announced. I wanted to take this opportunity to again thank the KDE
community and the Apple Safari team for having built the Konqueror and
Safari browser, and for your enjoyable collaboration with our team over
the past months.

It has been a fascinating year for us here at Nokia to develop our new
Web Browser for S60. Building a new product is always exciting and
challenging at the same time. Bringing the full Web to mobile devices is
a bold goal. We think our new browser will make mobile Web browsing
fast, intuitive, and more enjoyable for both consumers and enterprise
users, bringing us a big step closer to this goal.

WebCore/KHTML and JavaScriptCore/KJS are now integral parts of our new
browser architecture, and the excellent Web compliance, small size and
performance have already impressed our customers. We have also built a
couple of cool new features that will make full Web browsing on mobile
devices easier and more fun - more information will be available on
S60.com and forum.nokia.com pages later today.

We think these are truly exciting times for Web browsing on mobile
devices. Some of our S60 smartphone studies at Nokia indicate that
browsing is already today generating over 60% of mobile data traffic,
and improved network performance of WCDMA/3G more than doubles the
browser usage compared to GPRS/EDGE. We believe that a browser that is
built on open source components can offer top performance,
interoperability and innovative features, and we are excited to work
together with you on this.

Our relationship with KDE community members and the Apple Safari team
over the past months has been in particular rewarding for us at Nokia;
we had a great time presenting our porting experiences at the KDE
aKademy conference in Spain last August and we enjoyed meeting the
Safari team in Cupertino - thank you very much KDE and Apple again for
your kind invitations. In the next few months we will continue to
finalize our product, and we hope that our first devices with the new
browser will be shipping already beginning of next year. At the same
time we want to strengthen our dialogue with you on how to share and
integrate our code, discuss future features and agree on how to
collaborate in the future. We are delighted to be working with you on
how to "mobilize" WebCore/KHTML and JavaScriptCore/KJS to create the
best Web browser based on open source components for mobile devices.

Best regards,

Your S60 mobile browser team at Nokia,

Roland Geisler
Head of Marketing & Strategy, S60 Browser

PS: Please forward this email to any contributor whom I may have missed.

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