[webkit-dev] Code clean up and compiling on 10.3.9

David Storey storey.david at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 15:03:50 PDT 2005


First I'd like to quickly introduce myself.  I'm David, from Newcastle, 
England, and have recently graduated from a MSc in Internet and 
Distributed Systems, at the University of Durham.

I'd like like to get involved in WebKit development to gain some much 
needed experience, and help improve something I use frequently and that 
I'm interested in.  As I've limited knowledge of C/Obj-C (i'm mainly a 
Java developer), I though one of the best places to start would be on 
the code clean up and documentation.  Is there any timeframe when or if 
WebKit will compile on 10.3.9?  I don't have access to Tiger and can't 
afford to buy it, so I can't make any changes until it compiles.  I 
don't have access to the Tiger DVD to get the missing header files 

At one stage JavaScriptCore compiled on Panther (it fails again now), 
so I decided  to have a go at cleaning up that part of the project.  
Unfortunately it took two days to clean up every class, and by that 
stage when I performed the regression test, there were a number (even 
though I didn't make any real changes).  It seemed that it actually 
passed many more than the master copy though.  I thought I would submit 
the changes anyway, but i followed the steps on the site to produce a 
patch file, but it only created a blank file.  I'm not sure if that was 
something to do with the app not compiling, or if I did anything wrong. 
  Most the changes were just white-space changes.

While working on the code cleanup there were a number of areas that 
different programmers implemted differently which were not covered by 
the style guidelines.  Maybe there should be some guidelines to cover 

1. Should first level statements after the method name be indented 4 
spaces too?  mostly they are indented twice  e.g.


instead of


2.  Case statements do not seem to be mentioned.  some use {} and some 
don't, even in the same switch block.  Should all case statments have 
or not have braces?  if they should, should they be like :

}  case CSSSelector::List: {


case CSSSelector::List: {
case ...

3.  Braces are not mandatory when the statements are only one line for 
'if and 'for' etc.  Sometimes no braces are used and sometimes not.  
Should there be a guideline to keep this consistent.  Personally I 
prefer always using braces, as it is clearer, but not everyone may 

4.  There should possibly be a guideline for how many spaces to indent 
when wrapping a line that is too long to fit on one line.

5. Often code goes on for pages without any line breaks at all.  
Possibly there should be a guideline on when to leave a line space 
between blocks of code, such as leaving a line before a return 
statement at the end of a method or between and if or for block.

6.  Not really knowing C, i wasn't sure what the '#if apple changes' -- 
and other such  if constructs that xCode highlights in red -- are for?  
I wasn't sure if these should be indented like a normal if statement?

7.  There are no guidelines for casting.  I personally prefere:

var = (cast) methodName(param, otherParam);

but often they were formatted without the space, such as :

var = (cast)methodName(param, otherParam);

I think that is it for the moment.  sorry for going on, but after 
spending two days at code reformatting, I noticed a few things.

Thanks for your time, hopefully in the future  will be able to make 
some contribution to the project,



David Storey
University of Durham
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