[webkit-dev] Re: Crasher debug

Peter Speck speck at vitality.dk
Wed Jun 15 12:23:48 PDT 2005

On 15/06/2005, at 19:17, Peter Speck wrote:

> I have a page which uses a lot of synchronized XmlHttpRequests, and  
> which sometimes crashes JavascriptCore. It is not reproducible in  
> the sense that it crashes at after the same set/number of GUI  
> actions, but it is reproducible in that it crashes sooner or  
> later.  Therefore, I don't have any idea of how I can make a simple  
> test case.

I've managed to put up a set of static pages which produces the crash:

It a large number of requests before it crashes (+20 seconds,  
probably more from USA).

The page is far from a simple test case, but everytime I remove  
something from it, the crash goes away, so I still need help to get  
closer to the bug.
    - Peter Speck

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