[webkit-dev] Avoiding unstable versions?

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Tue Jun 14 14:13:40 PDT 2005

On Jun 14, 2005, at 12:11 PM, Matt Gough wrote:

> I just did my daily update, build and run-safari on WebKit and it  
> seems to have some layout issues and debugging code left in (lots  
> of blue outlines around things):
> e.g: www.apple.com currently looks like this:
> http://www.softchaos.com/wkissues/01.jpg

This is the symptom of a build issue someone told me about. I'm  
really sorry that nobody posted anything to the list about it. You  
need to throw away your build directory and do a clean build, and the  
problem will just go away.

> 1. Is there a way to avoid updating to incomplete/unstable  
> checkins. i.e are there any tags that are applied to the cvs  
> repository when it is in a known 'good' state.

We always try to keep the tree in the good state, and we don't have  
anything like this.

> 2. For future reference, what is responsible for turning those blue  
> outlines on/off. They would be useful at times.

Since this was a bug symptom, you can't do exactly this, but it just  
boils down to a mistake that made all the items think they had a CSS  
border style. You might be able to do that with your own CSS file.

     -- Darin

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