[webkit-dev] w00t, regression tests from testkjs on Win32

Justin Haygood justin at xiondigital.net
Fri Jun 10 18:27:01 PDT 2005

For a very quick port of KJS to Win32 from JavaScriptCore, here's the 

Test List: All tests
Skip List: ecma/Date
967 test(s) selected, 962 test(s) completed, 319 failures reported 
(33.16% failed)
Engine command line: testkjs.exe
OS type:
Testcase execution time: 7 minutes, 13 seconds.
Tests completed on Fri Jun 10 21:17:47 2005.

Most of that time was spent clicking Don't Send in the Watson error 
reporter. 131 regressions failed, so the rest (188) are crashes. When 
and where they crash, I don't know. But its my job to find out and bring 
Win32 JavaScriptCore in sync with OS X JavaScriptCore in stability.

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