[webkit-dev] Xcode editor settings

David Lázaro Saz dlazaro at well.com
Fri Jun 10 15:21:01 PDT 2005

On 11/06/2005, at 0:08, Darin Adler wrote:

> That's because the engineer who started that particular framework,  
> Richard Williamson, chose that style. And it's not so easy to  
> change such things with cvs. I suspect that if we go over to  
> Subversion we will rename those directories, since it will then be  
> easy to do so without damaging project history.

Yes, Subversion would be much nicer. Although a rename is still a  
delete followed by an add, the capability of following history  
through renaming is worth millions in flexibility and refactoring  

For what is worth, I've been testing the new Xcode 2.1 support for  
storing bundles in Subversion today with some old projects and that  
was the last piece I needed for a full repository conversion. It has  
worked without a glitch so far.

> I'd like to find a nice place on our website or Wiki to keep track  
> of "renaming ideas". I often have files and classes I'd like to  
> rename, and I want to float those names with the community for a  
> while before doing the name changes.

Community-driven refactoring? Nice.

The day that Xcode supports full refactoring and full plug-ins--model  
editor, view and editor extending, for example--I'll be so happy that  
I'm sure it will hurt.



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