[webkit-dev] JSCore patch question and wxWebCore

Kevin Ollivier kevino at theolliviers.com
Fri Jun 10 08:07:45 PDT 2005

Hi Maciej,

On Jun 9, 2005, at 10:38 PM, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:


> Hey, that's great news. We're definitely interested in ports to  
> other platforms, and we'll be working to restructure our tree to  
> make this feasible. We want to make kwq into a true multiplatform  
> porting layer which can adapt to multiple operation systems and GUI  
> toolkits.

Wow, great! Factoring out all the common bits of KWQ, JSCore, etc.  
will make maintaining our port (and starting new ones) that much easier!

>> Related to this project, I had a couple questions for WebKit  
>> developers:
>> 1) We have a patch for JSCore 412 that includes some simple  
>> compilation fixes like added headers and such to get it to compile  
>> on Linux. Are you interested in this, and if so, do we just submit  
>> it to the WebKit bugzilla?
> Sure, we'd love to see these changes. The very best way to do it  
> would be to file an appropriate bug in bugzilla, attach a patch,  
> and send email to webkit-changes when it's ready for review. If the  
> patch is large and covers multiple separate issues, then splitting  
> it would help a lot.

It's not very big at all. :-) We specifically targeted issues that we  
felt wouldn't cause any conflicts or problems with the Mac OS X  
version of JSCore.

We did have to, for example, remove some CF-based classes and replace  
them with more portable ones, but I'll explain more about that in a  
later message.

I need to port the patch to the CVS HEAD version and make sure it  
still applies cleanly though, so I'll do that then submit it.

>> 2) Is the WebKit site and mailing list going to be the primary  
>> discussion and project space for WebCore as well now? As WebKit is  
>> a superset, I wasn't sure if this was more appropriate here, or if  
>> WebCore's discussion forum was a more appropriate place.
> Yes, this list is going to be the main forum for discussion of  
> WebKit, WebCore and JavaScriptCore development.
>> Anyways, the newly open-sourced WebKit will definitely help us in  
>> our implementation, and I hope that our work can be useful to the  
>> WebKit development team as well. It will certainly be of great  
>> benefit to the wxWidgets project!
> Cool, we sure hope it helps, and we'd totally be happy to see your  
> work in our tree.

Thanks! It's great to see Apple supporting and encouraging these  


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