[webkit-dev] W3C DOM test suite landed

Maciej Stachowiak mjs at apple.com
Wed Jul 27 00:07:59 PDT 2005

Hi Everyone,

I've landed layout test versions of various w3c DOM test suites  
(downloaded from Curt Arnold's page).

For tests that were failing, I just checked in the failure results  
for now. But I also added a new script called check-dom-results that  
looks at the results and sees how many are failing (with -v it lists  
all the failures).

   DOM Level 1 Core   (html): 193 out of 238 tests succeeded (81.1%)
   DOM Level 2 Core   (html): 8 out of 11 tests succeeded (72.7%)
   DOM Level 2 Events (html): 9 out of 26 tests succeeded (34.6%)
   DOM Level 2 HTML   (html): 631 out of 687 tests succeeded (91.8%)
   Total: 841 out of 962 tests succeeded (87.4%)
          7 tests disabled (0.7%)
          114 tests failed (11.9%)

Patches to fix any of these would, of course, be much welcomed,  
especially the disabled tests which currently crash the test program.  
Many of these failures are likely to be fairly straightforward  
issues, since we haven't tried this test suite at all before.

It would also be nice to add the xhtml versions someday, but our  
entity support is too broken to usefully run those right now.


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