[webkit-dev] sharing code between kjs and khtml

Maciej Stachowiak mjs at apple.com
Sun Jul 24 18:35:40 PDT 2005

Hello WebKit and KHTML hackers,

I have some code I'd like to share between JavaScriptCore and WebCore  
(and in the KDE version it should probably be shared between kjs and  
khtml). In particular, I am thinking of the following:

* New hashtable template code (HashMap/HashSet). This is more  
flexible than most other hashtables because it lets you use different  
hash/equal functions with the same type in different tables, and it  
is highly tuned for performance. In any case, there are four  
different hand-rolled hashtable implementations in the JavaScriptCore  
version of kjs that should really be replaced with this code, and in  
kjs it's not an option to use stuff like QDict or QHash, even if it  
were desireable to do so.

* Better assert macros. So far we've mostly avoided using our ASSERT  
macros in JavaScriptCore and in the WebCore khtml directory, however,  
they are better in a few ways than stock assert(). Most notably, they  
are set up to crash right in the stack frame where the assertion  
fails, instead of several frames worth of function calls down. This  
makes for much better stack traces and saves a lot of time when  
running under gdb.

I can think of three basic options for code sharing:

1) Cut and paste the relevant files, use in both places. This sucks  
because any fixes or improvements would have to be made in two  
places, and history shows that people will usually forget to update  
other copies of the code.

2) Dump in kjs and export for use in khtml, even though this stuff  
has basically nothing to do with a JavaScript API.

3) Make a new module that both kjs and khtml depend on ("kxmlcore"?  
"kxmlbase"? something like that...).

For WebKit purposes 2 and 3 are basically the same, since even with a  
new logical module we would dump it in JavaScriptCore along with kjs  
and pcre to avoid making additional shared libraries.

Any thoughts?


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