[webkit-dev] Some thoughts and proposals

Justin Haygood justin at xiondigital.net
Wed Jul 20 12:03:59 PDT 2005

This could possibly greatly improve portability, I don't know, but 
here's an idea:

Drawing System (QRect, QPainter, etc..):

Implement using the Cairo Graphics library, which is cross-platform. 
This provides the benefits of hardware acceleration on all supported 
operating systems (Apple MacOS X, Microsoft Windows, Systems with X11 
support). Of course, systems that are used that aren't supported by 
Cairo Graphics, or don't want to be supported using Cairo, can of course 
not use the Cairo implementation

Networking Library:

Use a cross-platform networking (HTTP/FTP, etc..) library that can be 
used by all operating systems. I think 
http://webkit.opendarwin.org/projects/portability/index.html mentions this

Image Library

Same as above.

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* jhaygood at spsu.edu        *

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