[webkit-dev] SVG directories moving

Eric Seidel macdome at opendarwin.org
Mon Jul 11 21:27:17 PDT 2005

Hi all-

In order to make cvs-create-patch faster (and in-xcode file search  
results smaller) for those developers not interested in SVG  
development, I will be moving the SVG directories into their own top- 
level module WebCore+SVG.  This will be along-side with the addition  
of a checkout-svg script for checking out the pieces of this module  
into the proper place (WebCore/ksvg2, WebCore/kdom, WebCore/kcanvas).

If you are not currently doing any SVG related development, this will  
not affect you.

If you are doing SVG related development, you will have to run the  
checkout-svg script in order to get a new (moved) copy of the SVG CVS  



p.s. In addition to these changes, I will also be introducing a  
number of small *temporary* SPI additions to WebCore+SVG, to allow  
the use of several SVG test programs I have put together.  I plan to  
make these SPI additions tonight, after the cvs re-org, as well as  
(if I have time) commit my various test programs into CVS so that you  
all can start actually displaying SVGs on your own machines.

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