[webkit-dev] Experimental SVG support

Eric Seidel macdome at opendarwin.org
Sat Jul 9 00:38:54 PDT 2005

I'm proud to announce the introduction of experimental SVG support  
into WebCore.

Over the last few months I ported KDE's new DOM architecture "KDOM"  
as well as their Scaleable Vector Graphics (SVG) implementation  
"KSVG2" and render tree library "KCanvas" to WebCore.

Working with the Safari team over the last few weeks, we have now  
integrated these changes into the WebCore cvs tree to allow the  
investigation of further integration of SVG support into Safari.

The SVG page on WebKit (http://webkit.opendarwin.org/projects/svg)  
contains more information regarding the status of the project  
including build instructions, using SVG, etc.

There is a lot left to be done, but here's hoping for a bright SVG  


Disclaimer:  Let me emphasize that at this time there is NO SVG  
support in Safari itself, nor has Apple (or myself) made any  
commitment to ship SVG support in Safari, now or in the future.  
However, with your help (the open source community) I would very much  
like to see full SVG integration in WebKit in the future.

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