[webkit-dev] Safari opening local files

Devin Scannell devin.scannell at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 11:16:30 PDT 2005


if this is slightly off-topic please take the time to suggest an 
appropriate list. I am an avid Safari user and am trying to develop 
software that will run smoothly on the various versions out there.

I am using php to automatically write local web pages that are accessed 
at http://localhost/~me/index.php?page=whatever.html
the pages contain links to local files using the  
"file:///User/me/local/file" syntax.

this works perfectly on OS X 10.3.8 running Safari 10.2.4 but on a 10.4 
machine running later versions of Safari the 
"file:///User/me/local/file" links are not followed. IE respects the 
links on both OS's and Firefox (0.9.3 and 1.0.6) respects the links on 
neither. if I save the page source and open the page as 
http://localhost/~me/source.html (no php involved) all browsers respect 
the links.

I think I am right in concluding this is a bug/feature that was 
introduced into Safari after 10.2.4. I am sure it is good security 
practice but would appreciate any ideas on how to get around it / turn 
it off?

Many Thanks,


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