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Kevin McCullough kmccullough at apple.com
Wed Aug 8 15:16:58 PDT 2007

Hi Alexey,
     Sorry I wasn't clearer.  I reverted r24146 and added some code so  
now you will get an XHTML namespace when calling CreateElement if you  
are an HTMLDocument or a Document created with an XHTML MIME type.

I will update the bugs below with this information.  I think 14835 can  
probably be closed, and the rest just need a comment.  This does fix  
the given error in 11565 but we are still unable to log into Zimbra  
for another reason.

I think 8007 is where the conversation for this issue should take  
place.  I'll add a comment.

 Kevin McCullough
kmccullough at apple.com

On Aug 8, 2007, at 1:22 PM, Alexey Proskuryakov wrote:

> on 08.08.2007 21:14, kmccullo at webkit.org at kmccullo at webkit.org wrote:
>>       - <rdar://problem/4976879> REGRESSION: Safari doesn't work  
>> with Zimbra
>> enhanced login.
>>        - Reverting a previous change, and modifying how documents  
>> are created
>> so that we better match other browsers behavior with respect to  
>> namespaceURIs.
>  What is the new behavior, and is it documented anywhere? It's not  
> even
> quite obvious which previous change was reverted.
>  See bugs 8007, 14506, 10932, 14835 - I think some or all of them  
> may need
> to be updated to describe the new behavior.
> +    log("This test was written to address rdar://problem/4976879.   
> And
> tests how namespaceURI's are assigned.");
>  Would it be possible to have this bug reflected in Bugzilla, so  
> that the
> rationale would be known? It's good to know the title of the bug,  
> but maybe
> there was some useful information in the report and in subsequent
> discussions?
>  In particular, I'm wondering if this is in fact a workaround for some
> broken Safari-specific code in Zimbra (see bug 11565, which is  
> probably
> different, but may be tangentially related).
> - WBR, Alexey Proskuryakov.
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