[webkit-changes] cvs commit: WebCore ChangeLog

Justin justing at opensource.apple.com
Thu Oct 6 19:58:07 PDT 2005

justing     05/10/06 19:58:07

  Modified:    .        ChangeLog
  Tweaked my ChangeLog entry.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.216     +5 -4      WebCore/ChangeLog
  Index: ChangeLog
  RCS file: /cvs/root/WebCore/ChangeLog,v
  retrieving revision 1.215
  retrieving revision 1.216
  diff -u -r1.215 -r1.216
  --- ChangeLog	7 Oct 2005 01:21:36 -0000	1.215
  +++ ChangeLog	7 Oct 2005 02:58:04 -0000	1.216
  @@ -7,8 +7,9 @@
           <rdar://problem/3690703> selection is allowed to span editable area and rest of document
           * khtml/editing/SelectionController.cpp:
  -        (khtml::SelectionController::adjustExtentForEditableContent): 
  -        Added, ensures that a selection cannot cross an editable/non-editable boundry.
  +        (khtml::SelectionController::adjustExtentForEditableContent): Added.
  +        Ensures that a selection based in an editable element cannot extend outside that element's root editable element.
  +        Also ensures that a selection that's based outside of editable content cannot extend into an editable element.
           * khtml/editing/SelectionController.h:
           * khtml/editing/visible_position.h:
  @@ -16,11 +17,11 @@
  -        Select only the contents of the rootEditableElement, if it exists.  Also now calls the shouldChangeSelection delegate method.
  +        If the current selection is inside an editable element, only select the contents of the root editable element.
           * khtml/xml/dom_nodeimpl.cpp:
           (DOM::ContainerNodeImpl::setFocus): Clicking on an editable element used to change the selection twice.
           * kwq/KWQKHTMLPart.mm:
  -        (KWQKHTMLPart::nextKeyViewInFrame): Select All when tabbing to an editable element, to match <textarea>s
  +        (KWQKHTMLPart::nextKeyViewInFrame): Does a select all when tabbing into an editable element, to match <textarea>s.
   2005-10-06  Vicki Murley  <vicki at apple.com>

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